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Agence G37 performs PHOTOGRAPHIC AND FILM PRODUCTIONS in Portugal. 

Portugal is presented with 300 days of sunshine a year, this country offers a versatility of landscapes, from the lush green and mountainous north and ending in the South arid, where the fabulous beaches, palm trees and golf courses are prestigious worldwide.
In the capital, Lisbon, we found an amazing city and warm, human dimension, whose architecture ranges from modern buildings and historic palaces. The charm of the old and modern design cohabit in perfect harmony!

Portugal is a country full of nostalgia, expressed in the soul of fado that reflects an indescribable longing. But it is also a country that turns toward the future, demonstrating the appetite for what is modern.

Portugal is unforgettable, and will undoubtedly be the place chosen by you to your next photographic production. We have a database with hundreds of amazing places, just ask us what you want!

We can also do your production in Brazil, France, and Marocco.

We do all your production from the beginning : 
Locations scouting,
Travel and Hotels,
Meals, Catering,
Permits and licenses,,
Transport and  make-up van,
All coordination,
Equipment rental,
Props & set,
Team of hairdressers, maquillhadores, stylists, assistants ...

Come to shoot with us !

We speak French, English and Portuguese.





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